My work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications:

“My Russian Teacher Named Us” (appeared in Four Way Review)

“Response, Years Later, to Two Male Poets I Overheard Discussing How Sick They Were of Women’s Poems about the Body” and “Ode to Butter” (appeared in MUSE/A)

“Talking to My Students About Dido on the Eve of an Election,” “In the City,” and “How to Remember the Sky” (appeared in upstreet)

“Falling Crane” (appeared in Southern Humanities Review, as a finalist for the 2016 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize)

“Lockdown” (appeared in Southern Humanities Review, as a finalist for the 2015 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize)

“A Bird in the Hand” and “Epilogue” (appeared in The Rupture)

“My Students See Emmett Till’s Body,” “Drift,” “Cartography,” “The Ring,” and “In the Rec Field at Camp Nazareth” (appeared in Poetry Northwest)

“Galileo Sees His Future” (appeared in The New Guard Review)

“Missing One” (appeared in Inch)

“Owen Hart,” “Rise,” “Second Anniversary,” “By Slow Degrees,” “The Psychic’s House,” “The Cliff,” and “Nativity from a Bus Window” (appeared in Narrative)

“Desmond Miller, 1992-2001” (appeared in Ploughshares)

“Soap Sirens” and “Advice for a Soap Siren” (appeared in Post Road)

“May the Road Rise to Meet You” (appeared in Rock and Sling)